The best there are!


On this page I will post newsarticles about my site, faucethub and different faucets wich have something to do with faucethub. Be sure to check this page from time to time to be sure you don't miss anything important!


Hey there! I found another nice gaming faucet! Its called blockfaucet. In this faucet you should guess the amount of btc wich was sent in the last block on blockchain.info. The nice part of this site is that there is an activity bonus wich means you can get 200 satoshi every 15 minutes just for being active! The site is from the same owner as gamefaucet, faucetgame, pokebits and faucethub so its reliable and paying. Go to the game faucets list to sign up now! Greetings Svirby


Today I came back from my vacation. I directly updated both the regular and fast list so that all faucets pay out! Tomorrow I will try to find some new good paying faucets. Be sure to keep claiming :) Greetings Svirby


Tomorrow I will go on a vacation so I will not be able to update my faucetlist or website for some time. Right now all the lists are updated so be sure to go to the regular faucet page to claim! I will be back the 6th of march to update everything. Be sure to keep claiming :) Greetings Svirby

Virtual pub

Today I added a new gaming faucet to my site with the name virtualpub. In this gaming faucet its the purpose to run your own bar. You will sell drinks to customers to earn satoshi. The faucet just had a big make-over so the layout is clear and easy now. Another good thing about this faucet is that it has no minimum pay-out to faucethub. Be sure to sign up on this nice gaming faucet by clicking on the banner on this page! Greetings Svirby

Fast faucets

Today I added a new list with faucets. This are fast faucets wich have a timer of 5 minutes or less. You can use the list as a loop. When you have claimed at the last faucet you can directly start at the first one again because then the timer of that one is done. To start claiming go to the fast faucets page! Greetings Svirby


Unfortunately I had to take away one of the gaming faucets on my site. The owner of cetobeto can't keep up paying his members and for the second time he is closing a faucet without paying all of his members. For me he is a big scammer and I hope he never make any faucet again. The faucet-list is updated again and I added some nice new faucets. To start claiming go to the regular faucets page! Greetings Svirby

One week

The site exists now exactly one week and my list is growing and growing. I check all the faucets multiple times a day to be sure that they pay. I dont want my visitors to come on faucets wich are disabled or dont have any balance. If you find some faucets wich you really like then dont forget to bookmark them. This way it will be much easier to claim when the timer is done. To start claiming go to the regular faucets page! Greetings Svirby

New faucets!

Today I added some new faucets to the site. They dont have too much advertisements and are easy to claim. I will continue searching for the best faucets wich pay out to faucethub so be sure to visit this page regularly. To start claiming go to the regular faucets page! Greetings Svirby


Welcome to my first bitcoinsite! I have tried to collect all the best faucets wich pay out to faucethub in one place. Off course it's possible that I forgot a faucet or made a typo but in that case I ask you all to contact me. Later on I plan to add a mailform to the site so that my visitors can contact me to do suggestions. For now it's easiest to look me up on faucethub. I visit the chat quite often. Thank you all for visiting my site and I wish you happy claiming! Greetings Svirby