The best there are!

Fast faucets

In this list you will only find faucets wich has a timer of 5 min or less which pay out to Faucethub. You can use this list as a loop: when you claimed the whole list you can just start over at the top because then the timer of 5 min. of the first faucet has passed. Be sure to use the same walletadress on the faucets then the one you used to sign up at faucethub or else you wont be able to get satoshi's in your account. If you dont have an account at faucethub yet please click on this link to sign up before you can start claiming.

I sorted the faucets in a table with their name, minimum amount of satoshi per claim and claim button. The more claims you do, the more satoshi you will get in your faucethubaccount. Good luck!

Faucetname Min. claim Claimbutton
Bitcoinsbest 50 satoshi Claim
Big Btc win 30 satoshi Claim
Rektcoins 33 satoshi Claim
Fautsy 50 satoshi Claim
Smartbitco 20 satoshi Claim
Bfaucet 10 satoshi Claim
Crazysat 30 satoshi Claim
Lucky btc faucet 30 satoshi Claim

Don't forget to bookmark all the sites after you claimed so that you can find them again easily to claim more.