The best there are!


Welcome to my website! Here you will find the best bitcoinfaucets in 2017 which pay out to Faucethub. If you look at the menu on top you can see that I divided the faucets in 3 groups: fast faucets, regular faucets and gaming faucets. Fast faucets and regular faucets are faucets where you can claim some satoshi directly to your faucethubaccount. The difference between the fast and the regular faucets is that the fast faucets all have a timer of 5 minutes or less. You can use this list as a loop. When you are done claiming the last one you can start again at the first one because then that timer is done. Regular faucets have timers wich are a bit longer but the rewards are often also higher. Gaming faucets are faucets where you need to make an account and save your balance there till you reach the payout treshold. Then you will be able to withdraw it to your faucethubaccount.


Faucethub is a micro-wallet where you collect all your earnings of the different faucets together. When you reach over 20.000 satoshi you can ask for a payout to your regular wallet. All the faucets you will find here on my website pay out only to faucethub so to be able to claim you should make an account there. Click on this link to register at faucethub. Be sure to use the same walletadress on the faucets then the one you used to sign up at faucethub or else you wont be able to get satoshi's in your account.